An in-year admission describes the transfer of a pupil into BRGS from another secondary school. This could be into years 8 - 11, or for year 7 from January onwards (our waiting list is maintained up until the end of December).

Parents who wish to transfer their child from another school into BRGS should complete the in-year application form* available here, and submit it to school. Upon receipt of an application form, your child will be placed on our in-year applications list until a place in the relevant year group becomes available. Until a place is available, the school will be unable to progress the matter any further.

Where a place is available, an age-appropriate entrance examination will be prepared and pupils on the in-year applications list will be invited to sit it. 

Pupils have to reach the appropriate standard in order to be considered for a place. Where more pupils pass the examination than there are places, they will be placed in rank order and the candidate(s) with the highest marks will be offered the place(s) first. The successful candidate(s) will be expected to take up the place at the beginning of the next half-term. If they are unable to do so, the place(s) will be offered to the next candidate(s) on the list who has reached the required standard.

All applicants have a right to appeal this process. Formal appeals documentation will be sent to parents, upon request. All communications relating to appeals should be in writing.

* Prior to completing an in-year applications form, please ensure that you have read the school's privacy notice available on our school policies page which can be accessed here.

Please tick this box if the application is for a child who is, or previously was, a looked after child under the care of the Local Authority.
(e.g. impaired hearing/vision, Special Educational Needs, medical conditions).
Please specify or write NONE – DO NOT LEAVE THIS BOX BLANK*
Please provide the date your son/daughter last sat an Entrance Exam for BRGS.

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