National Poetry Day - BRGS Winners

For National Poetry Day the school was set a challenge: to see it like a poet and write a poem, no longer than 20 lines, based on the theme of vision.

Guest judge, poet Dom Conlon, selected a winner from each year group. He said:

What a genuine privilege it is to read these poems. Every…

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BAME Books Matter

The acronym BAME stands for, Black, Asian, and minority ethnic and is used to refer to members of non-white communities in the UK.

The recognition of BAME authors and their wonderful works are now more important than ever before. You may have heard of the #BlackLivesMatter movement and the…

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Brilliant Book Series that Aren’t Harry Potter

If there is one upside to us all being in lockdown it’s that there is there is plenty of time to read! So why not find yourself a really good series to devote yourself to? We have plenty of suggestions for you to try, some that you may never have heard of before. We hope you enjoy them and stay…

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Here Be Dragons Books

Love a good dragon story? Here are six of the best to get your talons into.



Christoper Paolini


When a young boy named Eragon finds a dragon egg, he has no idea how much his life is about to change. Now, pursued by servants of Galbatorix, the evil king of the empire, he…

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Lancashire Book of the Year

Lancashire Book of the Year is a unique opportunity for students in Year 9 to showcase their judging skills for the better. BRGS was one of a few selected schools from around the county.

We were given a collection of books aimed at our age group to read and our job was to choose our favourites…

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The Reader Games

Welcome to The Reader Games. A book blog created by students for students. We're aiming to help you find books that you can enjoy and encourage people to read more because reading is awesome. 


The editorial team is made up of years 10 and 11 students but we will invite students from other…

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New Year, New Blog, New Books

The best things in life come in threes, and what could be better than a New Blog, in a New Year looking forward to some of the great New Titles that 2020 is promising us. So here are some of the most hotly anticipated books from our team of book bloggers.

Black 13 by Scott Pearce

In a world…

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