The main Development Office publication is the ‘Friends of BRGS’ newsletter which is produced three times a year.  Do register on Future First to be emailed copies.  To receive copies via the post the cost is £10 per year.  Contact BRGS if you would prefer to receive a printed copy by clicking here.

The latest edition is Winter 2021 (Edition 42)

Spring 2020 (Edition 41)

Here you can download back copies of the newsletters:

Summer 2019 (Edition 40)

Spring 2019 (Edition 39)

Spring 2018 (Edition 38)

Winter 2017 (Edition 37)

Summer 2017 (Edition 36)

Winter 2016/17 (Edition 35)

 FOB Edition 34 

FOB Edition 33

Winter 2013

Summer 2013

2013 Spring

2012 Winter

2012 Summer

2012 Spring

2011 Winter

2011 Summer

2011 Spring

2010 Summer

2010 Spring

2009 Winter

2009 Summer

2009 Spring

2008 Winter

2008 Summer

2008 Spring

We actively encourage alumni to contribute to our publications and if you have a piece you would like to submit then please do contact Emma Gauntlett.

The newsletter includes updates on former students, their achievements and specific milestones in their lives.

Other school publications are our lower and upper school prospectuses and for those of you with an interest in the history of the school, do take time to read “Seventy-Five Years: A History of Bacup and Rawtenstall Grammar School”.

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