The fashion show ran for two nights this year and a grand total of 102 students took part in the event, not to mention all those who helped to plan and organise the event. This year the fashion show was raising money for the charity Robyn's Fund.

At the age of three, Robyn was diagnosed as having a rare form of cancer known as Neuroblastoma. She had to endure a vigorous course of chemotherapy to eradicate two separate cancer growths, but eventually managed to overcome the disease and was in remission for twelve months. Sadly, for Robyn, a third growth has now been detected in her mouth, and this time chemotherapy would be futile. Robyn has not been given long to live. She is now just five years old.

Due to the rarity of her case there are absolutely no charities or support groups to help her and her family are growing increasingly desparate.

However, she has got one last chance and that is to send her to America where the cancer is more widely diagnosed and there is therefore more treatment on offer for Robyn. Her close family have created a funbd to try and help raise money to get Robyn over to America, and although they have already raised £12, 000, this is a mere drop in the ocean - much more money is needed to give Robyn a fair chance.

This is why the Charities Committee want to be able to give as much money as they can to Robyn's Fund.

If you would like to make a donation to Robyn's Fund then please contact Mrs. Taylor (01706 234 500) and she will be pleased to pass on the details to you.

A Journey Through Time...

This year the audience for our fashion entered the Timewarp as we took a jouirney through fashion and pop history as the models danced their way through the decades. With the timewarp clock being moved on through the evening, everyone had something to enjoy...

The Timewarp...

Starting the show off with a medley of classics was the Timewarp team themselves: Jenny Brown, Kim Caines, Sam Cullen, Lauren Dodgon, Francesca Giomarelli, Natalie Goodwin, Chris Hatch, Amy Kellett, Sean Keyes, Ric Ormerod, Julie Pearson, Gemma Rooke, Becky Taylor and Matt Turner.

The Fifties: Grease Megamix

The Fifties was the time when feel-good music really started to come into its own. We had swing, we had rock and roll and we had Elvis! Artists such as Pat Boone, Perry Como and Patti Page were wowing both British and American listeners, and Bill Haley and his Comets released the highly controversial Rock Around the Clock.

The next set on stage used the ultimate party song - The Grease Megamix - led by Matt Surgeon. Although the film is set in the 50's, it was actually produced 20 years after, but the rhythm, 'dance-ability factor' and the popularity of the mix meant that it went down a treat...

Taking part: Nathan Atkinson, Emma Boswell, Dominic Butler, Lily Cooper, Kathryn Dungworth, Sayrah Faza, Nadine Fogarty, Amy Gregory, Phil Johnson, Matthew Lye, Sarah Maudsley, Rachel Paterson, Matthew Surgeon, Thomas Surseon.

The Sixties... The Kinks: You Really got me.

In the 1960s came the arrival of 'electric music', in which guitar instrumentals, as well as many other instruments were being electronically altered to give a somewhat strange and psychedelic sound. Artists such as Jimi Hendrix were producing songs like Electric Ladyland. But the real heartthrobs of the decade were most definitely The Beatles, the original boy band, leading to many more following in their footsteps. You Really Got Me by The Kinks was chosen as the 60's song, and was choreographed by Joanna Pritchard.

Emily Aspin, Yvonne Carmichael, Rebecca Chamley, Sarah Cliffe, Amy Culshaw, Danielle Geeling, Naomi Lomax, Clare McTernan, Kerry Parkinson, Joanna Pritchard, Lindsay Simms, Helen Zebrowski.

The Seventies... Earth, Wind & Fire: Boogie Wonderland.
Rose Royce: Car Wash

In this decade there were artists ranging from Stevie Wonder to Alice Cooper. There was an arrival of more 'rebellious' music and, it has been said, that 1975 was a key year in rock and roll with people like Bruce Springsteen establishing themselves on the music scene.

However, pop was still alive and fully kicking with Abba, The Bee Gees and The Village People all selling songs, not forgetting Elton John who was very young at the time! The two 70s sets - Boogie Wonderland and Car Wash - choreographed by Katie Reid and Stacey Cooper respectively were both destined to be spectacular!

Boogie Wonderland:

Will Allen, Chris Apinall, Kate De'Ath, Sarah-Jayne Evans, Adam Morriss, Joanna Poole, Katie Reid, Paula Roberts, Lianne Tattersall, Jayne Terry, Jim Thornton, Laura Webb-Sear.

Car Wash:

Stacey Cooper, Anna Demaine, Kavya Devaraju, Gemma Emmerson, Lorna Hooper, Nicola Moore, Laura Smith, Anneka Vines, Kerry Woodall.

The Eighties...
Bonnie Tyler - I Need A Hero.

The 1980s was a time when everyone was Doing The Conga and a 'New Wave' of music was being established. The music of the 80s was easy to dance to and some of their most famous pop acts are probably Wham, Culture Club and Duran Duran who were all very successful.

Rap was a commercial entity with the formation of bands like Run DMC, but pop still shone through with the likes of Kylie Minogue, Jason Donovan and Michael Jackson gaining number one hits. This was certainly a number one hit, with an all-star cast of the BRGS Staff.

Mr Fuller, Miss Bowden, Dr. Ellis, Mrs. Heywood, Mr. Ventress, Mrs. Fletcher, Mr. Sautejeau, Mrs. Sellens, Mr. Manning, Mrs. Chapman, Mr. Haycocks, Miss Johnson, Mr. Ormerod, Mrs. Kennedy.

The Nineties...

This is the decade that most people reading this should have experienced, and the pop scene continued to churn out more stars. Take That, 2 Unlimited, The Fugees, Natalie Imbruglia and Oasis were popular stars of the time, as well as stars from the 80's such as Madonna and Michael Jackson carrying on with their success. A new form of 'angry' feminist music came around led by singers such as Alanis Morrisette. Some of the greatest number ones include I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston and Deeply Dippy by Right Said Fred(!)

The two Nineties sets were That's The Way It Is and Baby One More Time which should have been well-known songs amongst the audience and everybody should have enjoyed the fantastic dances!

Run DMC- The Way It Is.

Ray Burgess, Phil Dwyer, Martyn Lester, Dan Kithan, Ken Masser, Omah Raji, Tom Young

Britney Spears - One More Time.

Stacey Gouhar, Esther Giddins, Jenny Heaton, Joanne Jackson, Janine Kelly, Lisa Malecki, Becky Matthews, Rachel O'Connor

The 2000's...
Kylie Minogue - Can't Get You Out of My Head

The 2000 set was Kylie's Can't Get You Out of My Head, bringing us right up to the present date as it was released only a few months ago. A lot of work went into this set, led by Steven Black, and it was a great performance.

Steven Black, Chris Cook-Martin, Alicia Dewhurst, Kelly-Marie Jackson, Lucy Keymer, Greg Martin, Martin Mellick, Bradley O'Donnell, Lorretta Parkinson, Erena Pillitterri, John Train, Rachel Whittaker.

The Future...
Fashion In The Year 3000 Competition.

A constant source of fascination for the people of today is the question of just what the future holds. Even the most educated person could not provide an answer to this question as, quite simply, nobody can predict what is going to happen. Perhaps humanoids will become an everyday part of life, or maybe we will finally discover beings on another planet, but hopefully people will continue to make, and buy, music. And pop will live on.

The competition was to design and make an outfit that one might wear in the year 3000, which produced some great results.

Hair By Tufty's...

Many of the models had their hair styled by Tufty's for the show....

The Finale...

The Fashion Show 2001 - Finale

The Fashion Show 2001