Since last October 40 pupils and staff have been competing in the BRGS Fantasy Football League.

This competition is also run nationally, and there were around 40,000 players in the country this season.

Every Monday morning, competitors eagerly checked the Schools Fantasy League website to see how their position in the table had changed. Results were also posted on the Fantasy League noticeboard so that everyone in school was able to see how their friends were performing.

Competition was fierce and the leading position changed hands several times. But as the end of the real Premiership season approached, EDWARD BISHOP (8S) was beginning to emerge as the title favourite.

After the final round of games on May 11, Edward was able to relax with the 'Manager of the Year' title firmly in his hands. His team, Edd United, had scored a magnificent 351 points. Not only did this give Edward a 29-point lead at the top of the table, but it also placed him 248th in the whole of the country - a magnificent achievement.

Credit must also go to Alex White (8S) and Jonathan Hartley (8B), who pushed Edward all the way for the title. We must also congratulate everyone else who took part, especially the wooden spoon winner Mr Staff, although Mr Grehan wasn't too far away from being 'Worst Manager of the Year'!

League administrator, Mr Wilbraham, commented: "It was an excellent competition.
"All the players were keen to outdo each other and there was plenty of banter over team selections and player performances.
"At the end of the day the best man won in Edward Bishop, but the hard work for him will come next year when he has to defend his crown.
"And with the chance to select players from clubs like Manchester City, next season's competition could be just as exciting."



1st place - Edward Bishop 8S (Edd United)

2nd place - Alex White 8S (Whitchester City)

3rd place - Jonathan Hartley 8B (Jonny's Jokers)


Alex White 8S (Whitchester City)


Year 7 - Jonathan Marcroft 7G (Joe's All Stars)

Year 8 - Edward Bishop 8S (Edd United)

Year 9 - Josh Cadney 9N (Burnleysa)

Year 10 - John Chadwick 10R (Ainsdale Allstars)

Staff - Mr Baird (noplastictrebles26yr)

Pictured are the winners from Years 7 to 9, with overall Manager of the Year - Edward Bishop - showing off his magnificent trophy.