All current lower school students should heed the warnings contained within this webpage - after two years of A-level study at BRGS, you too will be driven to dressing in bizarre clothing like this and wandering the streets of Rossendale for the rest of the day receiving disbelieving looks from passing motorists. And that's just the teachers!!! (See picture right - click for full size images)

There were some splendid home-made costumes this year which had obviously taken a lot of time and effort to construct.

The Parade: The morning began with the traditional parade in the main hall led by Mr. Edwards. The old favourites came out - The Conga and of course: New York, New York!

Top Field: After a final gathering in the Dining Room with Mr. Elkington and Mr. Morriss with all sorts of special memories and reminiscences it was out to the top field for some group photos.

Buffet: Before everyone left school for the final time before exams and becoming casualties of an afternoon of excess (providing you didn't have an exam that afternoon, as a number of leavers did!) it was up to the Common Room for a buffet lunch.

We wish the class of 2002 all the best in their examinations and for the future

Year 13 Leavers' Day 2002