Value Added Results Make BRGS Best Performing School In The Valley

Everyone knows that BRGS is a successful school, but then, many people argue that we should be - after all, pupils must pass a competetive entrance exam to get into BRGS so we get some of the best students the valley has to offer.

However, a new style of league table produced in Lancashire doesn't just look at exam results, but measures how much pupils have improved since joining the school. Pupils' Key Stage 2 tests are compared to their KS3 test results to see how much they have improved.

BRGS is the fifth best school in Lancashire for exam results. and the third placed school for value-added performance! Reason then for our students to celebrate.

Mr. Morris said:

"I think the new system is much more realistic. In fact, the five Valley schools are ranked very closely together now and I wouldn't be surprised if the order changes in the future."

"This indicates we have some very good schools in Rossendale and there is not the wide disparity you see in other areas."