"The Rise And Fall Of Little Voice"

The stage version preceded the popular film version with Jane Horrocks and was a big West End success. The Royal Exchange hosted the show as it came up from London. Really this was a return home. The play was written by Jim Cartwright who was brought up in Lancashire and he uses the language of the area in a theatrical fashion that can be seen echoed in some of the Phoenix Nights series starring Peter Kay.

Emma Lowndes was "LV" the little girl with the big voice and Denise Welsh (formerly Natalie of Coronation Street) was her mum, the larger-than-life Mari Hoff. Roy Barraclough (formerly Alec Gilroy in Coronation Street) was nightclub owner Mr. Boo.

As always, everyone seeing the show had a thoroughly enjoyable evening and the Royal Exchange proved again how exciting and involving theatre-in-the-round can be.