Shirt Signing

Year 11 Leaving Day began, as always, with shirt signing in the main hall. Year 11s passed on their best wishes in a way that they will all be able to look back on in future years.

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Shirt Signing 2004

Award Ceremony

After a quick change of clothes it was off to the Dining Room for a morning of fun as Mr Edwards, Head of Year and BRGS' official "Host With The Most" conducted fantastic morning celebrating five years of friendship. Pupils were presented with a range of awards and some fine musical treats:

Award Ceremony 2004


It was a happy morning, but also a sad time when we said goodbye to a number of pupils who won't be returning to BRGS. We wish all those pupils whoa re leaving the best of luck for the future, However, we will all meet again for our Leavers' Meal at St. Mary's Chambers after the hard work in preparing for and sitting the exams is over.


Year 11 Leavers' Day - and more photos...