• BRGS had its third best set of GCSE results.
  • The 176 pupils passed 1701 exams at grades A* to C out of 1765 entries, a pass rate of 96.4%.
  • All students but one passed at least five subjects at A* to C.
  • 172 (97.7%) passed at least five subjects including English and Maths.
  • 52.2% of the entry was at grades A* and A.
  • A record 52 pupils achieved at least nine A* and A grades.
  • Exceptional results of more than 9 A* grades were achieved by five students: David Bewicke, twins Kinga and Nora Egressy, Elizabeth Hyatt and Daniel Saron
  • There was a record 10.03 passes per pupil at A* to C grades.

The headmaster, Mr Martyn Morris said “The British disease is that we all too often find fault where there is none and try to put ourselves down. After the outcry in the national press last week that the 22nd annual increase in A level pass rates showed that the exam is getting easier, we had on Monday the opposite accusation that the education system is failing because the proportion of students achieving a grade G pass has dropped this year by a point or two. It is ridiculous. Let’s look at the positive side. The education system in the valley is doing an excellent job in giving our young people the understanding, skills and knowledge to go on to the next stages in their lives. At BRGS we had the biggest GCSE group in the school’s history. We have maintained the high standards we have worked so hard to achieve over the last few years and I want to thank parents as well as teachers for their unstinting efforts.”

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A'Level and GSCE exam results report tables

A'Level and GCSE exam results report graphs