Year 11 organised a Staff Sports Day which took place on Friday 13th May 2005 at lunchtime, in order to raise money for our Sports Hall! A huge thank-you to all staff and students who came to watch this event- £250 was raised!

A special thanks goes to the Year 11 students who organised the event in just a week, and all the staff who agreed to take part! Lots of fun was had by all, and no one was without a smile! Great weather and a great event, it's amazing how much you can fit into the space of a lunchtime at BRGS! We should do this more often....

Staff who took part:

Miss. Bartram
Ms. Caton
Mrs. Chapman
Dr. Ellis
Mr. Fitton
Mrs. Gregson
Ms. Haslam
Mr. Haycocks
Mr. M. Jackson
Miss. Johnson
Mrs. Kennedy
Mr. King
Miss. Lees
Mrs. Mansfield
Mr. Morris
Mr. Ormerod
Miss. Owen
Mr. Pigott
Dr. Robinson
Mrs. Sellens
Mr. Spencer
Mrs. Stanley
Mr. Wilbraham
Mr. Wyton

First event: Sack race!

Participants: Mrs. Stanley, Dr. Robinson, Mr. Haycocks, Ms. Haslam, Mr. Jackson, Mr. Morris.

JOINT 1ST PLACE: Mr. Morris and Mr. Jackson

Second event: Wheelbarrow race!

Participants (in pairs): Mr. Ormerod & Mr. Wyton, Mr. Pigott & Mr. Haycocks, Mr. King & Dr. Robinson, Dr. Ellis & Mr Morris.

1ST PLACE: Mr. Ormerod & Mr. Wyton
2ND PLACE: Mr. Haycocks & Mr. Pigott.

Third event: Egg and Spoon race!

Participants: Mr. Grehan, Mr. Wilbraham, Mrs. Gregson, Miss. Lees, Mrs. Chapman, Mr. Morris

1ST PLACE: Mr. Morris
2ND PLACE: Mr. Grehan
3RD PLACE: Miss. Lees

Fourth Event: Three-legged race! (There & back).

Participants (in pairs): Mrs. Sellens & Mrs. Gregson, Simon & Mr. Fitton, Mrs. Chapman & Ms. Caton, Mr. Spencer & Mr. King, Mr. Morris & Dr. Robinson, Miss. Lees & Miss. Johnson.

1ST PLACE: Mr. Spencer & Mr. King,
2ND PLACE: Miss. Johnson & Miss. Lees
3RD PLACE: Mrs. Chapman & Ms. Caton

Fifth event: Team relay

1ST PLACE TEAM: Mr. Spencer, Ms. Haslam, Mrs. Kennedy, Mr. King

Last event: Sprint

Participants: All of the teachers taking part!

1ST PLACE: Mr. Jackson