Report written by Mrs Ashworth...

With a great deal of trepidation, six members of the BRGS Chess Club went to Poulton-Ie-Fylde for the British Land Chess Megafinal. Two of the contestants, Shivali Kohli and Gareth Ashworth, had competed at Hodgson High School before, but the rest, Marie Hartley, Emily Sawicz, Hassan Shakeel and Chris Holdsworth-Swan, were inexperienced but talented chess players, who had gained more than 15 points in the BRGS tournament.

The venue, Hodgson High, was intimidating; rows and rows of desks were set up for 320 chess players. The matches were also very challenging; sixteen-year-olds played eighteen-year olds and year sevens played year tens. Most of the competitors belonged to chess clubs who played tournaments every week.

Despite the strength of the opposition, all of our competitors performed well. Gareth, Emily and Shivali were second in their age groups and Shivali Kohli won four of her six games which qualifies her to compete in the National Gigafinals in July this year.

Congratulations to Shivali and the chess players and many thanks go to Mr Ormerod, who has been coaching the players. and Mr Howells, a former Lancashire player, who helped with the transport and supported the players with his devastating moves.