In July 2005 we said a reluctant goodbye to several of our teachers who are leaving us for pastures new (taken from Blueprint, July 2005)...

We shall very much miss Mrs. J. Pickup, who has been with us for a total of twelve years. We shall miss her multiple talents - having taught Music, English and General Studies. She has been a huge asset to the school for a long time and we wish her well as she retires from teaching to spend more time with her family.
Mr. M. Ormerod has been with us for six years (and seven years as a pupil!). Again he is multi-talented: Mr. Ormerod is both a member of the Physics department and is in charge of KS3/4 ICT as well as being a vaulable member of the Duke of Edinburgh team. We shall miss his down-to-earth sense of humour and, of course - his dancing in the Fashion show.....We wish him well for his new job at Leeds Grammar School for Boys.
  Mrs. J. Waddell has been a member of the Physics department for the past year and we are grateful for the way she stepped into the breach almost at the last minute! She has been really valued by her students - both in Physics and in her sixth form tutor group. We send our best wishes with her.
  Mr. J. Thomas has worked in the Technology department on a part-time basis for the last year. His extensive experience has been invaluable and we thank him for all his help.
Finally, a temporary farewell to Miss. A. J. Frazer as she leaves us for twelve months to teach English in Prague. We trust she will keep in touch and we look forward to her return.