Year 9 organised a staff "Blind Date" show which took place in the hall on Tuesday 28th June! The winning contestants, enjoyed a luxury meal in the school canteen on Friday 1st July!
Pupils donated their loose change to the Sports Hall Appeal as they entered the hall to take their seat before the show! This raised £59!
Well done to Year 9 for putting together a very enjoyable show, not to be forgotten for the witty and rather amusing questions and answers from staff!

Contestants in BRGS's Staff Blind Date were:

Miss. Bowden, Mrs. Kennedy, Ms. Caton, Ms. Haslam
Mr. Williamson, Mr. Morris, Mr. Ormerod, Mr. Whyte

Winning contestants went on a date to the school canteen and were treated with a luxury candlelit dinner prepared by BRGS's catering team! One lucky lady even received a rose from her date! How romantic!

Lucky couple 1: Colin and "Clementine"

Lucky couple 2: Jo and "John"