Students at BRGS continued to achieve new records at A level this year.

The number of students climbed to a new high of 228. They passed 833 A level exams out of 844 at grades A to E and, in addition, passed 340 exams at AS level. The pass rate was 98.7%. Nearly half the students joined BRGS sixth form from other schools and many of them have done exceptionally well.

464 results were at grades A and B, a rate of 55% which is the highest in the school's history.

The average UCAS points per student was 390 points which was a new record. This means that the average result achieved by students at BRGS has more than doubled in the last 15 years

46 students achieved the excellent standard of three or more passes at grade A. This was 20% of the year group; the national figure is that 5% achieve three passes at grade A.

The headmaster, Mr Marc Morris, said "Once again this year parts of the media have been saying that A levels are getting easier and that they are becoming worthless because of the high pass rate. This shows that they do not understand the system. It is designed to encourage students to work hard and it rewards what they do well. The important point is that they study at least four subjects in the first year and then they can drop one for their second year. That is why the pass rate is so high; students usually drop the subject they are doing worst at. There is no point spending two years studying and then getting no qualification at the end of it. It is a good thing that so many are doing so well.

We are very proud of the standards our young people have achieved this year. It has been very much a team effort by many schools as nearly half of our students came from other secondary schools in the surrounding area who gave them an excellent foundation at GCSE level on which to build their A level studies. The dedication of our teachers and pastoral staff cannot be praised enough; they do make a big difference to young lives."

 Outstanding results came from the following; the numbers show how many grade A passes the students achieved, a half being at AS level:

Tashmeeta Ahad
Rachel Burgess

Marie Buckel
Jesse Duggal
Samantha Haigh
Zosia Rodak
Ben Smith
Sarah Sweeney

Emma Barrow
Martin Bracewell
Poppy Cooper
Christopher Green
Hannah Lythgoe
Jennifer Morton
Oliver Regan

Katrina Bishop
Ruby Burrow
Rachel Clarke
April Harper
Rachel Jones
Adam Taylor

Sabrina Alam
Hannah Caygill
Hannah Mosley
Louise Riley
Elizabeth Silkstone
Elizabeth Armstrong
Natasha Brown
Paul Byrne
Katherine Gledhill
Richard Haworth
Mark Hawthorne
Tessa Hull
Kathryn Lord
Dominic McCann
Sarah Munt
Lindsay Parkinson
Emily Pepperday
Jeremy Pierce
Carrie-Ann Roberts
Charles Robson
Lisa Stannard
Thomas Sykes
James Tattersall
Elizabeth Terry
Stephen Zsigmund

The results mean that six students will enter Oxbridge next year.

These six all obtained the top grades they needed in order to claim the places they had won at Oxford or Cambridge University. Their details are as follows:

L-R: April, Poppy, Jen, Jesse and Tashmeeta

Tashmeeta Ahad reading Medicine at Newnhan College, Cambridge
Poppy Cooper reading Archaeology & Anthropology at St Hilda’s College, Oxford
Jesse Duggal reading Geography at Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge
April Harper reading English at Exeter College, Oxford
Jennifer Morton reading Law at Selwyn College, Cambridge
Adam Taylor reading Engineering Science at Pembroke College, Oxford,

Commenting on the results Director of Sixth Form Trevor Elkington said, “We are enormously proud of the achievement of all of our students, but clearly winning at place at Oxford or Cambridge is a stunning success and we offer our congratulations to the students involved. It is interesting to note that whilst three of the successful students came right through BRGS since Year 7, three – Tashmeeta, Poppy and Jesse – joined us at the beginning of their sixth form from other local schools who must share in the credit for this success.”

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