GCSE Results 2006

  • Students at BRGS continued to achieve new records at A level this year.
  • 255 students passed 973 A level exams out of 989 at grades A to E and, in addition, passed 407 exams at AS level. The pass rate was 98.4%, the same as last year. BRGS Sixth Form attracts a large number of new students who have achieved GCSE qualifications elsewhere.
  • 533 results were at grades A and B, a rate of 54% which is the highest in the school’s history.
  • The average UCAS points per student was 404.3 points which was a new record. This means that the average result achieved by students at BRGS has more than doubled in the last 15 years.
  • 45 students achieved the excellent standard of three or more passes at grade A. This was 17% of the year group; the national figure is that 5% achieve three passes at grade A.

The headmaster, Mr Marc Morris, said, "A level students are just starting out on life’s great adventure. We owe it to them to give them the best start that we possibly can, not only for their own benefit and because it is right so to do, but also because they are our future; they will be the leaders in society, the economy and the professions in a few years’ time. We, the staff at BRGS, feel that we have worked hard with them in collaboration with their parents to give them that good start. Congratulations to all staff, students and parents. However, we do work under very restricted conditions in a building which was constructed nearly a century ago. Our superb exam results once again show what can be achieved but we know that there is so much more that is possible if we had the resources and space that most schools take for granted."

Outstanding results came from the following; the numbers show how many grade A passes the students achieved, a half being at AS level:

Joshua Cadney in Chemistry, General Studies, Physics, Maths, Further Maths, Additional Further Maths, Religious Studies [AS] and Critical Thinking [AS]

Eizabeth Hyatt in History, Latin, Spanish [AS], General Studies, Religious Studies, Maths and Critical Thinking
Daniel Saron in Geography, Biology [AS], French, Latin, Spanish, General Studies and Critical Thinking

Benjamin Cahill in History, French, Spanish, General Studies, Maths and Further Maths

David Bewicke in Chemistry, General Studies, Physics, Maths, Further Maths and Critical Thinking [AS]

Thomas Heaton
Kimberley Onjun
Nicholas Slawicz
Joseph Turner
Kate Walker

Andrew Hoyle

Keely Bailey
Kim Buckland
Jonathan Clark
Rebecca Follows
John Holland
Akif Hussein
Ella Smyth
Amy Whitehead

Sarah Bamford
Alex Martin
Claire Pilling
Sadra Razzaq

Henna Ali
Fawaz Arshad
Tanya Ashworth
Christopher Evans
Saul Hardman
Kimberley Haworth
Katie Hicks
Samuel Higgins
Daniel Hunt
Holly Jordan
Lauren Kaufman
Lauren Kidd
Lily Lewis
Priya Loomba
Eleanor Lythgoe
Khalis Miah
Robert Mitchell
Emma Newby
Martin Peel
Christopher Peet
Amy Tillotson
Thomas White

The results mean that five students will enter Oxford or Cambridge universities next year.

  • Joshua Cadney reading Maths at Queens College, Cambridge
  • Elizabeth Hyatt reading PPe, Queens College, Oxford
  • Daniel Saron reading Foreign Languages, Oxford
  • David Bewicke reading Natural Sciences, Robinson College, Cambridge
  • Benjamin Cahill reading Foreign Languages, Jesus College, Oxford

Well done to the class of 2006, best wishes for the future!