Some of the answers can be found on the following websites: (Friends of the Earth), and .

1. For an eco-school award we must “take action” on litter, waste, water, healthy lifestyles, transport, school grounds, energy – and which two other topics?

2. At Christmas we buy, use and throw away a lot more things than usual. According to Friends of the Earth which book would make a good present and what sort of Christmas cards should we consider sending?

3. According to Friends of the Earth, what is the biggest source of carbon dioxide emissions in the UK?

4. According to Friends of the Earth, how many tonnes of waste is dumped in the UK over Christmas?

5. How much would you have to give to Oxfam Unwrapped to buy someone a Christmas gift of a goat?

6. According to, if you want to fly to Sydney in Australia for Christmas the climate change emissions caused by the flight would be the equivalent of approximately how many kilograms of carbon dioxide?

7. The Government has decided that we must reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by what percentage by the year 2050?

8. Over the last twelve months, which of these activities have not been done as part of eco-school projects at BRGS: paper recycling; tree planting; carrying out travel surveys; building garden areas; gardening; installing a pond; helping with community projects in Lumb, Stacksteads, Rawtenstall, Ramsbottom, Burnley, Accrington and Haslingden; producing energy saving reports; putting up bird nest boxes; sowing wildflower seeds; installing bike racks; collecting mobile phones for recycling, being awarded grants by Awards for All, Community Champions, School Travel Plan and the PTA?

9. Here at BRGS, what would you put in a list of top 5 tips for reducing the carbon dioxide emissions caused by our energy use?

10. For the green flag eco-school award we must have an “eco-code”. Last year we looked at a few but didn’t settle on a really good one. Try to write one for us. (Examples on eco-schools website)

Thanks for having a go.