by Joshua Nurney, 7R


Year 7 won again after an outrageous 7-1 victory over runners up Haslingden High in a competitive match on The Glen in Rossendale on Thursday night.

The Bacup and Rawtenstall Football team have had a good year this year and have finished their season off with a victory against one of their fierce rivals. Everyone had been talking about this match as Bacup have won it in the past and the trend was not stopping now.

The match started with an energetic burst from Bacup as they chased the defenders back into their own half. It was a game of possession until Tom Hatton broke loose with the ball and unleashed an awesome cross to Bacup’s forward Josh Nurney, who finished it with ease. Nurney Struck again 2 minutes later to confirm a two-nil lead in the first 5 minutes. Then Bacup could not stop scoring.

Conor just out ran the keeper to drag it round and seal a three-Nil lead for Bacup.

The half time whistle went and the players bounced in, knowing that they now shouldn’t lose the lead and would be going home with the trophy. Both teams had a strategic team talk and then started the half again.

After the three goals in the first half, the Bacup boys wanted more. At half time Bacup had made some substitutions with David Burns and Alistair Brew coming on.

The substitutions made an enormous impact with one of them, David Burns, scoring a goal from outside the box and then got another as the Bacup lads were on a roll and could not stop scoring. Finally, Curtis Gallagher and Ben Horkin sealed it for definite as one goal from each of them made the score 7-0.

But in the last minute the Bacup defence was penetrated and a consolation goal was scored by Haslingden number 9. The final whistle blew and Bacup went to their manager to celebrate and receive their trophy.

We asked Bacup manager Mr. Baird if he would spare a minute and talk to us about the game, he said: ‘The lads did really well and worked hard. We went off the ball and conceded a goal in the last few minutes, but to be honest after the fourth goal went in I was confident that we had won.’

This cup is just one of the highlights of the season as tomorrow Bacup football team has been invited to a penalty shoot out at an under 18’s England match at Ewood Park. This was because Bacup had qualified for the 7-a-side finals day, but came runners up so this was a reward to them.

Bacup’s next year hopes are the Lancashire cup and the 7-a-side cup.