• BRGS had another excellent set of GCSE results.
  • The 149 pupils passed 1523.5 GCSE exams at grades A* to C out of 1569 entries, a pass rate of 97.1%.
  • All the students passed at least five subjects at A* to C and all but one student achieved at least five subjects including English and Maths.
  • 53% of the entry was at grades A* and A and 83.85% was at grade B or better.
  • 31 pupils achieved at least nine A* and A grades; 21 gained 10 or more and 11 scored between 9.5 and 11 straight A or A*.
Exceptional results of between 9.5 and 11 straight A or A* were achieved by the following eleven students:
BARNES Elizabeth (11)
BOON Christopher (10.5)
CAHILL Sarah (11)
DABBS Luke (10.5)
DUNNE Claire (11)
HINSON Benjamin (10.5)

HORROCKS Stephen (11)
MEACHER Katie (10.5)
SILKSTONE Eleanor (10.5)
TAYLOR Liam (9.5)
TAYLOR Scott (11)

The following outstanding students scored one of the top five marks in the country:
Christopher Boon (History)
Ben Hinson (History)

20,251 candidates were entered nationally for this examination so these students have done exceptionally well.
Students receiving between 9 and 10 A or A* grades in their results
(number of A/A* grades in brackets):
BAINES Natalie (9.5)
BARLASS David (10)
COCKAYNE Tobias (10)
COWLES Philippa (10)
CRANE Reanne (9.5)
CROSSLEY Laura (9)
HARRIS Lauren (10)
HILL Stephen (10)
KOHLI Shivali (10.5)
LEES Alice (9.5)
LEYLAND Hannah (9.5)
LORD Jennifer (10)
MCMULLEN Ryan (10)
MITCHELL James (10)
PAYNE Anna (10)
REGAN Jessica (10)
WALTON Bethan (9.5)
WILLIS Alexander (9.5)
Students receiving between 7 and 8.5 A*and A grades in their results
(number of A/A* grades in brackets):
AINSWORTH Edward (7)
BARROW Calum (7)
BRINDLE Jonathan (8)
CAREY Dominique (8)
CARLEY Edith (8)
CONNOR Katie (8.5)
DENCH Rebecca (8)
FLETCHER David (7)
GOORAH Yaj-Dev (8)
GRIFFIN Adam (7)
HAMID Hamzah (8)
HARGREAVES Jarod (8.5)
HIGSON Alistair (8.5)
HOBSON Sophie (7.5)
HOLDSWORTH-SWAN Christopher (8)
JACKSON Natasha (8)
LEWIS Natalie (7.5)
LUND Gregory (7.5)
LYTHGOE Joseph (8)
MARSHALL Daniel (7.5)
MAULLIN Jonathan (7.5)
MCGRAIL Samuel (8.5)
MOLLOY Conor (8)
PEARSON Christopher (7.5)
PILLING Jennifer (8)
ROGERS Thomas (7)
SCOTT Michael (8)
SIMPSON Emily (7)
WALMSLEY Jack (7.5)
WATSON Holly (7)
  • There was an average of 10.26 passes per pupil at A* to C grades.
  • The deputy headteacher, Dr Andrew Edwards said “Our initial analysis of this year’s results shows that they stand up very well against previous years. We are delighted with the overall success for the students and it is a reflection of the dedication and hard work that is brought to the partnership by both the students and the staff. Some of our performance measures show that this year group has exceeded records set last year. For instance, the number of students gaining straight grade As and A*s is up 50% on last year. 53% of our grades are grade A or better and 83% are grade B or better. We look forward now to welcoming many of these and other students into our new A level intake and working with them over the next two years to produce results to match those that we achieved last week”.

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