A warm welcome to...

Dr. Bradshaw: Maths Department.
Mr. Chambers: Chemistry Department.
Ms. Dougherty: Our new Head of English.
Mrs. Fowler-Gibbs: who is returning to BRGS, and is a member of the English department.
Ms. Newton: Sociology department.
Mrs. Jackson: Food Technology.
Miss. Smith: Geography Department.
Miss. Spokes: New Assistant Head, Spanish Department, who joined us at Easter.


Mrs. Kolbuck (P.E department) becomes a new Head of Year,
and will be Head of Year for our new Year 8.


Congratulations to the following members of staff who were married during the summer...

Miss. Tierney, Head of Music, who will now be known as Mrs. Matthews.

Mr Haycocks, Assistant Head, married Miss. Gauntlett, Development Director.


Last term, we said goodbye to the following members of staff, who will be missed:

Mr. Ashton: Chemistry Department
Mr. Briscoe: Sociology Department.
Mrs. Gregson: Head of Year, Maths Department.
Miss. Hayes: English Department.
Mrs. Helm: Geography Department.
Mr. Jackson: Head of Science.
Dr. Robinson: Deputy Head, Geography Department.
Miss. Whittles: Food Technology.