The first in a series of two grandparents’ days was on Friday 12th October and over 70 grandparents attended. Year 7 students invited their grandparents for a day at school with grandparents experiencing a range of lessons including art, technology, geography, English and IT.

The feedback was overwhelmingly positive with comments including:

“I particularly enjoyed comparing my education with today’s education methods and the use of computers and technology in lessons.”

“Grandparents are more involved in the care of grandchildren today so it is lovely to see their school environment. Thank you.”

“Grandparents have a significant role in supporting their grandchildren and this experience enabled us to appreciate the schooling our offspring now follow, which is greatly changed from the 40s and 50s; for the better, we would say.”

“Thank you for the invite. It is good to see my granddaughter happy and enjoying school.”

Grandparents' Day 2007