National Chemistry week Mon 5th - Fri 9th November

School held a series of experiments and demonstrations with a firework theme every lunchtime during National Chemistry Week.

Chemistry with a bang!

All of the week of the 5th November to the 9th November it has been national chemistry week at BRGS. Many pupils experienced the wow factor of chemistry, we used splints, put solutions on to them and placed them in a bunsen burner flame. They created spectacular, rainbow coloured flames, like those in fireworks. We also tested water on a splint, added iron fillings to it and burned it to make a sparkler.

Later on we watched sixth formers and teachers do experiments with chemicals, we looked at chemicals changing the colour of the flame. We also watched an experiment with potassium chlorate and melted it, then dropped in a gummy bear and watched it go up in flames in front of our eyes. It was a great experience and I definitely would go again so don’t believe that chemistry is boring or geeky, because it’s cool watching things burn, fizz, smoke and bang before your very eyes.

By Charlotte Lonsdale, 7B

National Chemistry Week 2007