On Monday, March 31st 2008 History teacher Margaret Stanley invited members of the Sealed Knot, an English Civil War re-enactment society to speak to Year 8 and bring their studies to life. Members from the The Earl Of Derby's, The Earl of Manchester's & Sir Gilbert Hoghton's regiments were on hand to teach the students aspects of military life.

Students were treated to displays of 17th Century muskets and other weaponry. They were also put through actual drill routines and were put in to a "hedgehog" formation with pikes.

As well as learning about the military life during the 17th Century pupils were also taught about the home lives lived during the Civil War. They were invited to taste 17th Century dishes and dress in fully authentic clothes provided by the Living History group.

The students thoroughly enjoyed the day and thought it was a fantastic experience. They said that they felt they had learned so much from they day and had enjoyed seeing real history in action.

Civil War Re-Enactment