On Friday 23rd of May, a group of Year 10 students helped make BRGS a more environmentally friendly school by unveiling a tawny owl nesting box, that they had constructed for their GCSE Citizenship coursework, which will support the local owl population and draw more owls to the area.

Kieron Moore, James Barnes, Jacques Dark and Dale Whitaker developed the box, using a design from the RSPB website and help from Mr Archer. Materials were an issue at the start of the project, as they would have been fairly expensive to buy. However, after phoning some local companies, James Ashworth Waterfoot (Successors) Ltd and Fletcher’s Hard ware (both in Waterfoot) kindly donated the wood and nails to al low this project to go ahead.

The group constructed the box in school over three lunchtimes in Room 60, and would like to thank Mark, who supervised them and Mr Fitton, who allowed the use of the technology rooms.

It was put up at lunchtime on the 23rd, and is now located in the small patch of trees behind the long jump pit near the top field.

Hopefully, we will soon have tawny owls nesting in it!