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  • Students at BRGS continued to produce excellent results at A level this year.
  • 265 students passed 1035 A level exams out of 1062 at grades A to E and, in addition, passed 389 exams at AS level. The pass rate was 97.9% and has remained virtually constant for the last four years. BRGS Sixth Form attracts a large number of new students who have achieved GCSE qualifications elsewhere.
  • 470 A level results were at grades A and B, a rate of 48%. The total number of top grades is comparable to the record set last year.
  • The average UCAS point per student is 389.
  • 33 students achieved the excellent standard of three or more passes at grade A. This was 12.5% of the year group whereas nationally 5% achieve three passes at grade A.
  • Outstanding results came from the following; the numbers show how many grade A passes the students achieved at A level.

Outstanding results came from the following; the numbers show how many grade A passes the students achieved at A Level:


Francesca Brindle, Emily Lester and Michael Nielson. Francesca and Michael have both scored one of the top five marks in General Studies in a national field of 23888 candidates. Francesca and Emily have both secured Oxbridge university places.


Eleanor Bailey, Katherine Dyson, Alexandra Hamer and Katherine Higginson


Philip Archer, Nicola Bracewell, Gareth Hughes, Emma Pawluk, Jennifer Thompson, Lindsay Thornton, Emma Owens, Christian Slinger and Claire Starkie.

  • The results mean that two students will enter Oxbridge next year. There will be a further press release about them next week when the universities have confirmed their places.

The deputy headmaster, Dr Andrew Edwards, said “I should like to take this opportunity to congratulate the students and staff of BRGS who work in a very busy school. Over the last two years we have developed a partnership between students and teachers both in the teaching classroom and in our wide range of extra-curricular activities. It is very satisfying to see how both our own and students who join our sixth form from elsewhere have flourished in the school and progressed from the excellent teaching that they have received at GCSE level both in our own school and the other secondary schools that feed students into our sixth form”.

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