BRGS had another excellent set of GCSE results.

  • The147 pupils passed 1715 GCSE exams at grades A* to C out of 1779 entries, a pass rate of 96.4%.
  • 54.2% of the entry was at grades A* and A and 85.2% was at grade B or better.

The following outstanding students scored 12 straight A*

Catherine Allen, Sarah Stopforth and Madeleine Royle

Outstanding results of 12 straight A* or A were achieved by the following students

Jennifer Dentith
Emily Sawicz
Lauren Cook
Hassan Shakeel
Phillip Marsh     Arshad Ahad
Thomas Rhodes
Alison Stonebanks
Victoria Kett

Exceptional results of between 10.5 and 11.5 straight A or A*were achieved by the following ** students:

Daniella Clegg
Sarah Flook
Hannah Lendrum
Suzanne Coong
Matthew Evans
Sarah Young
Sophie Shaw
Hannah Johnson
Sarah Davison
Li Sou
Natalie McManus
Helen Marston
Adam Wells-Burrow
Ryan Bury
Thomas Grant
Wendy Maden
Victoria Rishton
Robyn Terry
Katie Shaw

Students receiving between 9 and 10 A or A* grades in their results (number of A/A* grades in brackets):

Katherine Parry (10)
Andrew Brignall (10)
Emma Hobbs (10)
Ashley Millward (10)
Michael Casey (10)
Rowena Hartley (10)
Samantha Swain (10)
Annie Skillings (10)
Alix McDermott (10)
Rebecca Sivieri (10)
Jodie Barron-Hastings (10)
Jory Bones (9)
Simone Kelly (9)
Oliver Sikora (9)
Sam Wardle (9)
Joseph Donnelly (9)
Bethan Dance (9)
Charlie Giddins (9)
Charlie Hoyland (9)
Helen Casey (9)

Students receiving between 7 and 8.5 A*and A grades in their results (number of A/A* grades in brackets):

Jordan Wild (8)
Claire Smallwood (8)
Catherine Coleman (8)
Katie Bickford (8)
Shannon Connolly (8)
Matthew Hathaway (8)
Thomas Sipocz (8)
Phillipa James (8)
Susan Brown (8)
Jonathan Peet (7)
Samantha Hartley (7)
Maariyah Naseem (7)
Lewis Brady (7)
Rebecca Halliwell (7)
Victoria Sivieri (7)
Emily Hoskin (7)
Sean Airey (7)
Laura Briggs (7)
Robyn Shepherd (7)

The deputy headteacher, Dr Andrew Edwards said "This is a day when staff allow students to bask in the limelight. My initial analysis of this year's results shows that they are an improvement on last year's record-breaking ones. We are delighted with the overall success for the students and it is a reflection of the dedication and hard work that is brought to the partnership by both the students and the staff. this year group has exceeded records set last year."

Sarah Stopforth
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