n October 2008, three Year 9 pupils delivered an assembly with the theme "Penguins" using a video they had created themselves.

"In this assembly we are doing a random theme, penguins. Over the last few days Max and Ollie have been studying these aquatic birds and this video shows the bonds they make with each other. In the video two penguins meet in the wild and have a baby. The mother then goes to steal a fish to give it to the baby. There is a lot we as a school can learn from penguins. Penguins huddle against each other to keep warm in the cold. We should stick up for each other like penguins do."

Watch the surreal and very funny "Penguins" movie (8.4MB)

A desiccated chicken production

Director and camera-man: Oliver Taylor

Editor and co-director: Max lake

Melon head: Adam Bowers