This year's school production was "The Wizard Of Oz"- tickets sold out almost as soon as they had gone on sale – and no wonder. Director, Mr Neve put together an incredible cast to deliver a very different version of the classic tale.

Featuring approximately 130 students the show was staged from Wednesday 26th to Saturday 30th November.

This was no Judy Garland dressed in gingham frolicking through Oz with the Munchkins; instead audiences were treated to a richly gothic interpretation of this Hollywood classic. Presented in the round, the stage was lit with a single spotlight and a more sinister opening would be hard to imagine. The gothic themes weren’t only reflected in the setting and the themes of the production, but also in the music.

The show featured were some outstanding acting performances. As Dorothy, Hannah Potts was on stage for almost the entire duration and delivered a truly professional performance in a hugely demanding role. On her journey, Dorothy was of course accompanied by Scarecrow (Daniel Ratcliffe), Tin Man (Philip Bacon) and Lion (Hester Owen).

However, what made the overall performance such an outstanding one was the commitment from absolutely everyone involved. The logistics of putting on a production with nearly 100 cast members means that the success of the production was founded upon the tireless efforts of large numbers of backstage crew and the production team.
As one make-up artist said: “ Have you any idea how long it takes to create seventy zombies? We start getting ready as soon as the bell goes for the end of school to get them on stage in time!”

Everyone involved can feel a tremendous sense of pride at a performance that would have been equally at home as a professional stage production and it will not only be a lifetime memory for those who watched, but for everyone that helped to make it happen.

Wizard of Oz review