As Year 10 arrived in school on the first day of term they were faced with a challenge! Normal lessons were suspended as the entire year group took part in the first round of a national competition to find the most successful Year 10 enterprise team at BRGS.

Working in teams the challenge ran throughout the whole school day.

The teams had to focus on developing their enterprise skills with an approach that reflected the working world and in a completely different way to working in the classroom. A team of Business Coaches supported the students.

Last year BRGS students were Regional winners of the Lionheart Challenge and the successful team were welcomed back to the stage to offer encouragement to this year’s
participants: “Play to your strengths, work as a team, value the insight you will get into the business world but above all make the most of it!”

The day culminated with each team presenting their idea to their peers and a panel of judges, before an overall winner was announced. Charlotte from the winning team said: “The Lionheart Challenge was a great experience; it gave us a chance to express ourselves. It was really professional and gave us a realistic insight into the world of work. I really enjoyed it, so did the rest of Team 10… and we won with our idea WaterWay to Live!”