To help promote Road Safety Awareness, on Monday 9th March, Year 9 students thoroughly enjoyed a lively drama production “Worst Hits”. It was a humorous but thought provoking performance from the entertaining theatre group Cragrats, coordinated by Lancashire County Council as part of the Theatre in Education tour.

The aim of the production was to highlight the inherent dangers faced by young drivers and their passengers. The show very much focussed on creating an awareness in young people about how they can shape their own positive attitudes to personal safety, their behaviour and their responsibility to other road users and pedestrians.

The production was followed up with an opportunity to discuss the content with the 3 talented actors. Additional time was spent in class considering the implications of being safety conscious, road markings, responsibilities, stopping distances and consequences of actions.

Head of Year 9, Karin Kolbuck, commented “It was an excellent production which clearly highlighted the issues that affect our young drivers on the roads today. The year 9’s listened very carefully and I hope they remember the purpose of this morning for many years to come”