Hannah Lendrum in Year 12 entered the Corpus Christi College, University of Cambridge essay writing competition for 2008-09 and received a letter from the university informing her that she has won second prize.

Hannah will be attending the university for an open day in July and a formal presentation of her prize.

If you would like to see Hannah’s name and the school’s name in lights please log onto the following and click onto the essay writing competition 2008-09. http://www.corpus.cam.ac.uk

Extract taken from Dr Melanie Taylor, Fellow and Admissions Tutor at Cambridge University;

Politics, Psychology and Sociology essays:

This was the first year in which we organised an essay competition in Politics, Psychology and Sociology, and we were delighted to receive a large number of excellent entries. 61 students’ submitted essays and standards were very high. The most popular title was the question that asked whether democracy was a universal value, although the question on whether an unequal society was necessarily unjust came a close second in terms of its popularity. The best essays set out a clear argument that related directly to the title at the outset, before developing this with reference to a range of different sources that had been carefully examined. It was evident that many students were drawing on work that they had completed for their A level courses, and, while this is certainly a good starting point, the best essays tended to go beyond this and showed evidence of independent study and analysis. It was particularly encouraging to see a good number of essays from students with no previous experience of the three core subjects.