BRGS had another excellent set of GCSE results.

  • The deputy headteacher, Dr Andrew Edwards said "This is the best ever GCSE summer for BRGS. 24.4% of all grades were A* and 61.5% were grade A or A*. 88% were grade B or better. 148 students passed 1782 exams with 97.5% being grade C or better. Students took an average of 12.5 GCSE subjects with an average point score of 624 compared to 570 last year.

These results are significantly better than the record breaking ones last year with students averaging 12 A*-C GCSE grades each, up 0.3 on last year. We are delighted with the overall success for the students which reflects their hard work and the drive by the staff to reform teaching and learning styles. We look forward to continuing the partnership into the sixth form and welcoming all students who will be joining us next week.”

In The Independent newspaper these results put us in the top 50 grammar schools at number twelve!

The top 40 achieving students this year were:
Simon Allen 806 points
Lucie Shaw 788 points
Victoria Donahoe 782 points
Rachel Leyland 764 points
Joseph Jackson 759 points
Jacques Dark 758 points
Rebecca Hardman 754 points
James Greenwood 750 points
Bethan Gregory 748 points
Sophie Horrocks 742 points
Anna Shahid 742 points
Ainsley Kerr 738 points
Catriona Watson 735 points
John Duckworth 730 points
Emilia Hartwell 730 points
Rachel Meacher 730 points
Kieron Moore 730 points
Elspeth Petrycki-Aitchison 730 points
Andrew Allcock 726 points
Victoria Morrison 722 points
Irha Yaqoob 719 points
Toby Craddock 718 points
Christina McMahon 718 points
Elizabeth Ainsworth 713 points
Phillipa Hudson 712 points
Bethany Jones 712 points
Elizabeth Hamer 710 points
Rachel Bond 706 points
Gaige Kinsella 705 points
Sophie Barcroft 704 points
Bethany Hayden-Pawson 704 points
Josh Simpson 702 points
Lawrence Brailey 700 points
Kelly Connor 700 points
Daniel Stanworth 700 points
Katherine Wade 698 points
Timothy Bonham 686 points
Emily Jeffrey 686 points
Miles Thomson 686 points
Stephen Fletcher 682 points