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Students at BRGS continued to produce excellent results at A level this year.

  • This year we entered 1092 exam papers of which 25.6% were grade A. 52.4% were graded A or B and 92% were grade C or better. 1086 examinations were passed at grade E or better giving a pass rate of 99.5%.
  • The deputy headmaster, Dr Andrew Edwards, said :"These statistics are not significantly different from last year and demonstrate the school’s and students’ ability to sustain the high standards for which BRGS is noted. Their strong position matches that achieved in 2007 and reflects the partnership that the school develops between staff and students. The success is shared by students who have joined us from pre-16 feeder schools and we must recognise the excellent GCSE foundation that these students bring to BRGS, in addition to the extra curriculum contribution that they have made in the relatively short time they spend with us. It is always sad to see all our students leave, but they spread their wings and fly and we nurture the next group."

Natalie Baines and Ben Hinson go on to Cambridge, Natalie to read Education with English and Drama at Homerton College and Ben reading Ancient History at Magdalene College.

Outstanding results came from the following; the numbers show how many grade A passes the students achieved.

  • Bronwyn Dawson 6A (+1AS)
  • Ben Hinson 6A
  • James Mitchell 6A
  • Lucy Stevens 5A (+1AS)
  • Eleanor Silkstone 5A (+1AS)
  • Liam Taylor 5A (+1AS)
  • Hannah Wilkinson 5A (+1AS)
  • Edward Ainsworth 5A
  • Chris Boon 5A
  • Reanne Crane 5A
  • Claire Dunne 5A
  • Joseph Lythgoe 5A
  • Katie Meacher 5A
  • Chris Pearson 5A
  • Natalie Baines 4A (+1AS)
  • Luke Dabbs 4A (+1AS)
  • Haley Nixon 4A (+1AS)
  • Anna Payne 4A (+1AS)
  • Sarah Cahill 4A
  • Tobias Cockayne 4A
  • Emma Collinge 4A
  • Alistair Higson 4A
  • Stephen Hill 4A
  • Alex Willis 4A