Glassblowing Course held on Wednesday 2nd September 2009

The day course was very successful with all technicians managing to work well with glass and with practice I am confident that they will all be able to use their new skills to great advantage in the future.

The three technicians who travelled from other schools all arrived early – and stayed late! This was an indication of their enthusiasm and willingness to get the most out of and give the most to the training day.

Once familiar with the techniques of cutting and bending glass and getting a “feel” for how glass reacts to heat, they made three different types of stirring rods from soda glass, right angled bends and delivery tubes of various types from borosilicate glass and glass polished each piece made.

After lunch we resumed the course with new techniques – stretching glass to make pipettes, bending capillary tubing and inserting nichrome wire into glass to make inoculating loops and flame test wires. Again they showed the same enthusiasm and eventually all managed to gain success in their efforts – some taking a little longer than others.

We had some wonderfully complex shapes at times but all made recognisable and functional pieces of glassware to take back to their respective schools.

They all seemed to enjoy their time at BRGS and I enjoyed the day as much as they did.

Joan Ormerod
Course Leader

Training Schools