The band REVIVE were in BRGS on Monday 14 September.

Perfoming live in the hall at lunchtime, the band members also worked with students in classes. Some of the recordings from the sessions can be heard by clicking on the class links below.

mp3 class recordings:

Year 10 p4
Year 10 p5


I am the broken, I am the bruised
I am the poor ones, I have been used

(Why does it take so much) to bring me to my knees?
(Why does it take so much) pain for me to see
(That strength is only found) when I am on my knees
(Why is it so hard to) show that I am weak?

Who cares, we care, if you’re broken
I guess those words have been unspoken
It’s the truth now, ain’t no token
We’ve come here for you

Place of darkness, skies unclear
Well we’re bringing sunlight to your place of fear
Now you know that we’re near
Please don’t cry, wipe away your tear

If you’ve fallen we’ll lift you up
Give you the platform to do your stuff
If you struggle, if you find it tough
We’re here for you through the smooth and rough

So, if you’re broken, if you’re bruised
If you’re the poor one, if you’ve been used
Incompetence can’t be excused, so
We’ve woken up ‘cause if you snooze you lose!

Verse and chorus taken from ‘Song for the Broken’ by Barlowgirl
© 2007 Word Entertainment.

Additional lyrics by Neil Horne (aka MC Juva).

more photographs from the week's activities


Vision Team in school September 2009