It was an exciting end to the autumn term in Food Technology. December saw the launch of the fiercely contested Lancashire Young Chef Competition. Internal heats were arranged for Year 10 GCSE KS4 students and current Year 9 KS3 Food students.

The KS4 competition involved the designing and making of a 3 course celebration meal. As well as having excellent sensory characteristics, the meal had to be nutritionally balanced for a chosen couple.

The KS3 competition was similar but they need only design and make a 2 course celebration meal.

All students had to select ingredients off a list set by The Education Business Partnership and points were deducted for any ingredient used that wasn’t listed. There was a large emphasis on air miles and local sourcing of ingredients with pupils needing to calculate the actual miles their food ingredients had travelled.

Winners at KS4 were:

Thomas Acton 10S (chef)
William Nowell 10S (assistant chef)

They made a 3 course meal for a rugby player and his partner celebrating his team’s success in an International tournament.

The menu was:

Bell pepper cheese on toast
Moroccan fish stew
Passion fruit yoghurt

Winners at KS3 were:

Rachel Service 9G (chef)
Callie Hudson 9G (assistant chef)

They made a 2 course meal for a young couple celebrating their engagement on Bonfire night.

The menu was:

Chicken kebabs and savoury rice.
Sparkling melt in the middle chocolate pudding.

Both teams will now represent BRGS in the regional heats at Accrington and Rossendale College in March. Good luck!

Lancashire Young Chef December 2009