The Salters' Festivals of Chemistry are an initiative of the Salters' Institute. Their objective is to help promote the appreciation of chemistry and related sciences among the young. Since 2005 the Salters' Festivals of Chemistry have been in partnership with the Royal Society of Chemistry.

The Festivals are one-day fun events held at universities throughout the UK and Ireland. They begin in late March and run through to mid June.

Congratulations to Erica Minozzi (7B), Jamie Hoyle (7G), Tyler Crane and Cerys Gregory (8N) who were our representatives at the Salters’ Festivals of Chemistry held recently at the University of Manchester.

Salters' Festivals provide the opportunity for enthusiastic young students to spend a day in a university department and to take part in practical chemistry activities which are fun! Prizes are awarded to the winning teams and all students receive participation certificates and fun prizes.

During the last eight years over 20,000 students have experienced the fun of practical chemistry through the Salters' Festivals and sponsorship in support of the Festivals has been raised from over fifty companies.

The main focus of the morning is "The Salters' Challenge", which is common to all the Festivals. This is a competitive, practical activity, for which no advance preparation is required.

In the afternoon students tackle "The University Challenge", which is a practical investigation chosen by the University. BRGS came third!

This is usually followed by a "fun" lecture or "pops and bangs" demonstration. The day ends with a short prizegiving at which the winning schools receive prizes and all participants receive fun prizes and certificates.