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AS and A2 Resit Opportunities

Despite media rumours to the contrary, there were far more happy than disappointed students receiving their A level results at BRGS; 3 students successfully achieved their offer of a place at Cambridge University.

At least 11 students gained entry into various Medical Schools and many other students into a whole range of other highly competitive courses including Law, Dentistry and Architecture at universities as far afield as Exeter to Aberdeen.

Dr Andrew Edwards said, “We are delighted with these results; we were cautiously optimistic over the introduction of the A* grade and today celebrate the fact that 8.5% of our entries were at the new level, against a national average of 7%. Additionally 30.6% of entries were graded as A or A*, 58% as grade B and better and 80% as grade C and above. Our overall pass rate was 99.5% out of 1067 entries.

Our early analysis of results using the nationally recognised Alps data base suggests that 22 out of 34 A level departments are performing at a level that puts them in the top 25% of similar departments nationally. This is an exceptional performance. I would like to congratulate the staff and students on their shared success, it is a real privilege to work with such people”.

The following students achieved 4 grade A/A* or more at A level:

Zayd Abdullatif;
Rohan Ahmed;
Catherine Allen;
Bradley Allmond;
Nicola Beazley;
Lauren Bolton;
Sam Bowers;
Ryan Bury;
Daniella Clegg;
Lauren Cook;
Alexandra Davies;
Jennifer Dentith;
Joe Donnelly;
Dominic Entwistle;
Matthew Evans;
Ellen Gleeson;
Emma Hobbs;
Alicia King;
Hannah Lendrum;
Natalie McManus;
Tom Rhodes;
Vicci Rishton;
Madeleine Royle;
Grace Rutherford;
Tayyaba Sanam;
Emily Sawicz;
Hassan Shakeel;
Oliver Sikora;
Alison Stonebanks;
Sarah Stopforth;
Robyn Terry;
Adam Wells-Burrows;
Sarah Young;