Over the past seven months, pupils ranging from Years 7-13 have been attended dance practices at lunch and after-school in preparation for the school dance show - The Time Warp’.

The dedicated group of pupils studied a variety of dance styles including street, jive, disco, jazz and contemporary under the direction of Miss Todd (Head of Dance).

Many pupils involved in the show had not attended any formal training outside of school, therefore had to stay extremely committed to learning the different styles of dance and master many complex techniques.

The pupils took us on a trip through the years starting with Elvis in the 50’s, continuing through into 2010.

Dance Captains Alice- Jane Evans, Lauren Jenkins, Madeleine Lewis, Sophie Marsden, Mary Green and Gabriella Wilson choreographed dances for the show in addition to leading and assisting at lower school practices.

The show was performed over two nights on the 23rd and 24th March, and was a great success for all involved.

A series of new dances will start being taught in September, and additional members are always welcome. Dance club provides opportunities for pupils to express themselves creatively whilst keeping fit and having fun.

Dance Show March 2011