Guest speaker at our Senior Speech Night in December was Professor John Whittaker, a former student of BRGS.

It was a wonderful evening, welcoming back former students to congratulate them on their exam successes in the summer, and to give them the opportunity to share memories of their time at BRGS.

Subject Prizes And Achievement Awards

The Richard Karoo Fellowship for Academic Excellence - Elizabeth Ainsworth, Sophie-Elise Horrocks and Simon Allan
The Music Department Higher Education Award - Stephen Partington
The Upper Sixth English Prize (Mr. R. G. Phillips) - Christina McMahon
The Upper Sixth Prize for Theatre Studies (Mr. R. G. Phillips) - Rosemary Berkon
The Speak Without Fear Prize for Theatre Studies - Corey Beardsmore
The Media Studies Prize - Kieron Moore
The Freda Ebden Memorial Prize for English - Rachel Haworth
The Jane Biran Prize for English Linguistics (A'Level) - Rachel Bond
The Mrs L Taylor Prize for Outstanding Achievement in A' Level English Literature -

Toby Craddock

The Neil McRobert Prize for English Literature - Bethan Gregory
The Linda & Tony Fuller Award for Maths & Science - Amy Hughes
The Dorothy Moore Mathematics Prize - Jacques Dark
The Christopher Moylan Accounting Prize - Bonnie Smith
The Madison Filter Ltd. Prize for Economics - Miles Thomson
The NatWest Bank Prize for Economics - Simon Allan
The Howard Jackson Trophy for Business Studies - Sophie Barcroft
The Kingfisher Partnership Prize for Business Studies - James Greenwood
The William Copley French Prize - Lee Grimshaw
The George & Mai Holt Languages Prize - Bethan Gregory
The D. A. Parkinson & D. T. Ward Abenteuerlicher Simplicissisimus Preis fur Germanistick - Marc Caine
The J. E. Macleroy Modern Languages Prize - Nadiyah Abdullatif
The M. Spencer A Level Geography Prize - James Lester
The Dorothy Chadwick Sixth Form History Prize - James Greenwood and Rachel Meacher
The Astech Consultants Award for ICT (A Level) - Amelia Payton
The Astech Consultants Award for Computing (A Level) - Luke Pauline
The R. L . Hutchinson Memorial Prize for Technology (A Level) - Kevan Gilligan
The Jill Hughes Prize for Food Technology - Emma Wilson
The James E. Horrocks Biology Prize - Rachel Brooks
The Philip & Cynthia Clark Prize for Science - Sophie-Elise Horrocks
The Glovers Project Services Prize for Effort in Physics - Harry Hedley
The E. H. Holden Memorial Prize for Science - Jacques Dark
The Lynzee McShea Biology Prize - Bethany Hayden-Pawson
The Martyn Morris Prize for Chemistry - Anna Shahid
The Rebecca Follows Prize for Achievement in Biology - Timothy Bonham
The Rebecca Follows Prize for Achievement in Chemistry - Alexander Auty
The Geoffrey Wood Prize for Medicine - Rebecca Hardman
The Senior Art Prize (Mrs J. Ormerod) - Jennifer Ferentiuk
The Rachel Brierley Prize for Dance - Gabriella Wilson
The John Metcalfe Prize for Sport (Outstanding Achievement) - Conor Porter
The Maria Bracken Prize for Psychology - Caroline Savage
The Dr. D. Hartley Prize for Sociology - Patrick Kinsella
The Woodcocks Solicitors Law Prize - Fiona Williams
The Felldancer Classic Cup for Orienteering - Dominic J. Walton
The Felldancer Quaich Cup for Orienteering - Charlotte Jackson
The Harry Gibson Cup - Rebecca Ashworth
The Prize for Service to the School and Community (David Johnson) - Danielle Garside
The Carol Brown Memorial Prize for Service to the Community - Marie Hartley and Anna Shahid
The Mary Dodds Prize (Head Boy) - Timothy Bonham
The Mary Dodds Prize (Head Girl) - Sophie-Elise Horrocks
The Derek Copley Prize for Altruism - Danielle Garside

Year Prizes


Elizabeth Ainsworth, Simon Allan, Sophie Barcroft, Bethan Gregory,
Rebecca Hardman, Sophie-Elise Horrocks, Joe Jackson, Christina McMahon,
Ashley Millward, Kieron Moore, Anna Shahid.


Sarah Al-Dawoud, James W. Allen, Lydia Bruton-Jones, Lawrence Clare.