Students at BRGS had a rare opportunity to attend a lecture by a cutting edge microbiologist in December.

Professor Greenfield, from the University of Canterbury, New Zealand has been working at the cutting edge of research into microbes existing in Antarctica for many years. He was able to show us a vast array of superb slides and document some of his teams finding in an interesting and exciting way.

The lecture looked at the amazing adaptations of microbes such as bacteria. We were told about bacteria that had eaten through the metal structure of aeroplanes and boats and even those that fed on explosive TNT! We also got an insight into some of the wildlife he had seen including in his words "some rather silly penguins".

The lecture concluded with the possibility of finding microbes on Mars and left a lot of food for thought for the future.

Students seemed to thoroughly enjoy the experience and I am sure it is one they will look back on in years to come.

Microbiology Lecture December 2011