The 2012 year group at BRGS performed extremely well and we are all very proud of them indeed. The LionHeart business coaches were very impressed with their enthusiasm and commitment and commented especially on their ability to work together as teams, determined to meet every challenge of the day.

This year, students were asked to design a fire prevention product which would help to save lives in the future. Year 10 were soon involved in the activity and came up with some novel and truly innovative ideas, ranging from automatic fire ‘killers’ to super- flame- retardant materials for the construction and manufacture of buildings and their contents.

The LionHeart advisors were impressed with the degree of involvement and commitment from all the 15 teams and it was not an easy task for the team of judges to decide on a winner.

However, taking all the skills and stages of the day into account, it was decided that Team 6 should be the students to go forward to the Regional round of the competition.

The members of Team 6 were:

  • Oliver Burnham
  • Sam Chicken
  • Ben Jackson
  • Rebecca Kerley
  • Ciara Holt
  • Hadia Siddiqui
  • Gabrielle Royle
  • Lewis Astin
  • Tyler Crane
  • Mehran Mirza

In addition, Ronan Pilkington was given a special award for an outstanding contribution by an individual member of the year group and will accompany the above team to the next round.

Congratulations to all of Year 10 for a most successful day and well done to the winners. Good luck in the next round and thank you from everyone in school to Mrs Skillings and Mr King who came along to help judge the proceedings.

The LionHeart Challenge is a Nationwide Enterprise Programme, acclaimed by Sir Howard Davies MBE (Director of The London School of Economics & Political Science) and was chosen as a National Flagship by the National Learning & Skills Council for Enterprise. During the last few years the Programme has been delivered to over 250,000 pupils across 9 regions of the country.

The challenge involves a School's Students partaking in a high energy and high impact Business Challenge which is ran in a period of one working day within a School setting, and is delivered by Lionheart’s trained, highly skilled and dedicated Business Coaches.

Each Challenge day commences with the announcement of a cutting edge, highly technical economic theme of national importance. On receiving the challenge theme the student teams (comprising of 10 pupils) must come together and work as a team and, in line with their Business Coach's mentoring and their understanding and use of pre-printed structured materials that LionHeart provide, develop a comprehensive Business Proposal comprising:

  • A Full HR Solutions Plan for their Team of Individuals
  • A Product Solution which is based on the Needs and Wants of an Identified Target Customer
  • A Full Financial Solution
  • A Full Marketing Solution

On completion of the above, the Team then put together, practice and rehearse their final presentation that they shall give to their room of peers, teachers, and Judges to try and ensure that their business idea will lead them to success!

Year 10 Lionheart Challenge January 2012