EPQ is a challenging new qualification which allows students to develop research skills by carrying out an independent project on a topic of their choice.

On the afternoon of Wednesday 1st February, 20 Year 13 students made presentations as an integral part of their Extended Project, to share their conclusions and demonstrate their communication skills. The afternoon commenced with an exhibition session where students displayed posters and held discussions with staff and invited guests, including several governors and former teaching staff. Students were able to share their projects animatedly with the guests, creating an active and purposeful ambience. Later on each student gave a short oral presentation which outlined the key issues in their projects and the conclusions they had drawn, before answering diverse questions from the audience.

The range of topics was extremely diverse and included issues such as mental health in sport, the effect of world war one on literature and the impact of mobile phones in today’s society. The very high standard of the presentations was evident in the students’ ability to respond effectively to challenging and thought provoking questions on a range of issues surrounding their projects.

Feedback from those attending was extremely complimentary to the students and recognised their enjoyment of the afternoon. Comments from students reflected a well-deserved sense of achievement at the end of the event.

Sixth Form EPQ Presentations February 2012