Photo's from AGC Groundwork workshop February 2012

BRGS was one a of a lucky few chosen schools who were offered a free environmental workshops by the Groundworks organisation. Thirty year seven students attended the workshops, which took place over two sessions.

The workshops enabled the students to consider how their lifestyles had an effect on the environment, and covered a wide range of topics from global warming, to recycling and energy sources. There was a two week break between the sessions which gave the students thinking time, and also a chance to discuss any changes they had made in their lifestyle to become more environmentally friendly. At the end of the final session students worked together to come up with inventions to help reduce pollution, which were incredibly inventive.

The session was sponsored by AGC, who are a company which make smart plastics - including the plastics inside solar cells, the roofs of football stadiums and the windows of shopping centres. They kindly brought in a solar cell to explain how they worked and show us the section they had made of it.

Environmental Workshop February 2012