Year 8 have just returned exhausted from a successful three day residential on Anglesey at the Conway Centre. This is the fifth year that the Maths department have run this trip and we are looking forward to our next one!

Twelve teams each with mixed forms competed in a variety of activities such as a maths relay (a whole hall full of children running just to do another question!), problem solving and team building activities out in the woods, followed by an auction to buy bits to build a raft (none sank this year!), blind fold walk and polyhedra and puzzle challenges.

Each day pupils were kept working until about 10pm so everyone was tired!

On the final day, we travelled to Bedgelhert where we enjoyed a thrilling High Ropes challenge with a 60ft power fan drop, woodland walk and a trail into the village.

Each pupil worked hard in their team and this year the overall winners were Mrs Kennedy’s team by one point! A big thank you to the PTA for the funding the High Ropes part of the activity and helping to keep the cost of this so low.

Year 8 Anglesey Trip March 2012