BRGS held its annual dance show entitled ‘Dancing Around the World’ on the 22nd and 23rd March 2012. The dedicated group of pupils studied a variety of dance styles including street, jive, ballet, jazz and contemporary under the direction of Miss Todd (Head of Dance).

Many pupils involved in the show had not attended any formal training outside of school, therefore had to stay extremely committed to learning the different styles of dance and master many complex techniques.

The pupils took us on a trip around the world, starting in France with the Can-can, then to Russia with some ballet, and ending in America with a dance medley.

The following Yr 8-13 pupils choreographed dances for the show, in addition to leading and assisting at lower school practices:
Ella Beardsworth, Jessica Fogarty, Saffron Neal, Lily Pearson, Alice- Jane Evans and Lauren Jenkins, Lorna Savory, Chloe Hetherington, Rosie Wilkinson, Josh Rawlinson, Lisa Darrer, Lindsay Ashworth, Emily Jesson, Alice Wolstenholme and Maria Mortimer-McGuire.

The show was performed over two nights, and was a great success for all involved.