Bacup & Rawtenstall Grammar School has been awarded the Specialist Schools and Academies Trust (SSAT) Gold Award for the Cultural Diversity Quality Standard.

All six of the following standards were achieved: School Ethos, Achievement, Curriculum, Parental/Carer Involvement and the Community Role, Staff & Governors, and also Specific Projects.

The assessor spoke very highly of the warm and welcoming ethos that was evident at school and the exemplary work that is being done in celebrating cultural diversity and promoting community cohesion.

The SSAT were impressed by a couple of points from the assessor’s report:

‘The way in which the ethos of the school is supporting an awareness and celebration of cultural diversity accessible to all students’ and

‘The opportunities afforded to students to broaden their appreciation of diverse cultures through travel using the vehicle of ‘World Challenge’ and the way in which extra-curricular groups are used to help break down barriers between students from different backgrounds.’

Headmaster, Alan Porteous said ‘It paints a really positive picture of our community here in school, and our commitment to being as inclusive as possible.’

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