BRGS Charities Committee ran a writing competition on the theme of hope.  Congratulations to all those who entered but there could only be one winning entry and this was from Dotty Davies in Year 8 with her poem titled 'A Winter Storm'.  

Proceeds from competition entries went to BRGS's Charity of the Year, MIND. 

A Winter Storm

When it's cold inside, the season doesn't matter

Feeling hollowed out, my hopes and dreams scatter

On the wintry wind, shrivelling like the last leaves in the gutters.

My heart's made of stone, so

The hottest summer sun can never thaw it,

It weighs so heavy in my chest, there's no chance to ignore it.

The lengthening nights leave me dwelling in the darkness, 

my fears swelling to surround me with a gritty bitter wind until

I'm overwhelmed, willing anyone to come and take away this chill

No magic pill can still my lonely desperation

Maybe I'm made for cold, and that's my secret power, and

as the winter comes I can use the darkest hours to prepare a plan,

That will help me glide like ice to a safe space where friends are nice 

and my world begins to sparkle from their glow, And then it snows

And the cold no longer matters,

the frost now has the force to shatter,

my heart of stone, because I'm not alone.

Revealing, and healing my hopeful soul within.