Year 8 - 11 students were awarded prizes for their attitude to learning during the previous academic year of 2020-2021.

For Attitude to Learning in Year 7 the recipients were:  Billy, Lilly, Lara, Jack, Jennifer, Joshua, Charlie, Emily, Gabriella, Luke, Mikolaj and Ashleigh

For Attitude to Learning in Year 8 the recipients were:  Imaan, Dotty, Laurence, Nusabayah, George, Lily, Adam, Ruby, Caitlin, Jack, Amrita and Ifham

For Attitude to Learning in Year 9 the recipients were: Ella, Sawan, George, Lois, Olivia, Hassan, Becky, Sam, Ethan, Sophie, Aoife and Henry

For Attitude to Learning in Year 10 the recipients were Hafsa, Finley, Rufus, Bernard, Esther, Anneka, Grace, Raihan, Reefe, Alexa, Sara and Afraz

Other awards presented included:

The Zoe Shadlock Junior Prize for Science:  George

The Mary Tomlinson Memorial Cup for Junior Art:  Ethan 

The Junior Music Shield:  Gabriela

The Junior PE Prizes:  Finn and Isla

The Fred Wild Prize:  Arissa and Eshal 

The Hugh Owen Memorial Prize:  Lara and Mikolaj

Our thanks go to BRGS PTA for kindly funding the annual Attitude to Learning Prizes and congratulations to all prize-winners.