All students at BRGS wear our distinctive uniform. It helps them to look smart, and identifies them as members of one of the top schools in the country. One of the conditions of acceptance of a place at BRGS is that parents will ensure that regulations relating to uniform and general appearance are complied with.

A copy of our uniform regulations can be downloaded here. 

Images of acceptable boys' shoes can be downloaded here.

Images of acceptable girls' shoes can be downloaded here.

Wynsors have produced a catalogue of shoes that we consider acceptable as part of uniform. A copy of it is available here and you can access their website here. Parents, of course, do not have to purchase shoes from Wynsors.

A copy of the page in the homework diary relating to wearing uniform can be downloaded here.

Appearance reflects school standards and the school uniform must be worn. It is the outward sign that the students belong to a caring school community. Appearance, behaviour and work reflect a positive attitude to school in particular and to society in general. In our experience, neglect and carelessness in school dress often indicate deterioration in behaviour and work. Parents are asked to mark all garments and equipment with their child’s name to facilitate their return in the event of loss. Extreme hairstyles and unnatural colours are unacceptable and are regarded as breaches of school discipline.

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